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Try not to bother Burton Power!!


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The words 'head up own arses' come to mind :D


Spoke to Adrian at R-Tec today to see if they do them and he said he could find me some and if I bring the car down the lads would've changed the cover for me aswell :thumb:


Just goes to show .....

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That's probably because you owned a Cossie Simon...



They probably don't see a Zetec Escort as a performance car.........somewhat elitist imo :( :(


How did they know pete wouldn't have spents ££££££££££££'s in the future :rolleyes:

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such a shame when companies act the gimps in this way. You get good service from somewhere you might tell one or 2 people, you get bad service n you tell more than 400 on here!!!!!!!


Wouldn`t have taken 20 seconds to reply with a more civalised (spelling) answer.

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