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Got My suspension Kit


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Got my new Koni suspension kit came today ive looked at it and it looks all complete and very good quality


whilst checking out the instructions I found this bit of paper


instructions pic


it is a bit fuzzy but basically shows my new kit is for an escort RS2000 and escort cossie as well as scorpio cossie and a few other cars....




Is the suspension set up the same on a cossie or RS2000 as a MK6 SI?


heres a pic of the kit and the top mounts im wondering if anyone can say yes or no and maybe the instructions are wrong or maybe they are just for a different kit and ive got the right one




got it booked in friday morning will be a damn shame if its wrong



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gonna cost me 100£ to get them fitted and im having the cam belt changed new shoes putting in the rear drums and the handbrake cable tightened up if neccassary..


The guy is a mobile service and hes is also gona take the car away and put it on the computer and find out why my car is idle'ing at 3500 rpm and stalling a lot


Ive tried cleaning idle control valve thing to no avail... :nutter:

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I paid £470 for the suspension kit and a set of EBC greenstuff v4 pads ive also got a set of apec brake shoes for the rear drums all gonna get sorted tomorrow morning i cant wait to see it lowered :P


the kit was £440 i think and its adjustable stiffness and comes with new yellow rubber bump stops the guy at demontweaks did me a deal and knocked a bit of the brake pads..

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