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Cleaning the engine????


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You can- but the likelihood is that the thing won’t re start, or it will end up with a misfire! But if you’re prepared to fart about a bit afterwards to get it going again then go for it .

Maybe try me old favourite and just wash the engine down with clean petrol 8o That’s the best of the lot imo but take care!! You do it at your own risk. ( paraffin might be safer as it won’t blow up in your face lol :) )

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A few hours of spare time, wire wool brush, oven cleaner, Pressure Washer and a girlfriend that owes you a big favour...


cover anything electronic with a carrier bag, dont get any chemicals on any belts watch the air con unit/brakes/abs


If she says her arms hurt just beat her for a few minutes...


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I looked at a car that was for sale last week that had just had the engine profesionaly cleaned, and i must say it was an excellent job, and only cost the guy £12...

Had a small prob with the electrics after, but nothing much.


Well worth it IMO :thumb:

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