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Escort Art Competition


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Think Jon is winning so far, though some good shots, like Ians boot one, and F1acks Orion in the bush! Dazzer reflective one quite good...


Did have one of the cabrio in the snow somewhere, that would look good!



dazzers one looks good coz i took it... shame he didnt mention that... ;)

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Guest Sparki
Some nice pics there Sparki :thumb:


What sorta camera have you got? Digi?


Whats the spec like and the cost?



cheers mate,


i took those one with my sony dsc-55e.. 2.1 megapixel cost me over £500 bout 3yrs ago


but i bought their new one the usc20, 2megapixel and the pics are just as good but the camera is really really small... and only cost 200squid

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