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This Weeks Mods


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Just finnished putting in the parcel shelf, still got to put in the cross-overs and the tweaters which are going on the rear pillars, but am running the 2 centre subs off the amp and the mid range edge speakers are running off the stereo for now (soon to be coming through the cross-overs) Amp is a Boss 250Watt which I've sunken into the shelf, not amazing but enough for the 2 little shelf subs.







Only thing that worries me is they are a little visible from the outside (its a shame when you have to think that way) :(


And for the Engine a little bit more shine (although its in need of a clean now!) Chrome rocker cover





Also changed the tappets while I had the cover off (again :rolleyes: )

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My mate recently had his punto broken into and his rear parcel shelf ripped out, had 2 kenwood 6x9s and they also snatched a JL 12" sub in a box, must have taken 30 seconds, brick through window, grab shelf grab sub box, run like crazy

Sell down pub and make 50£

And he had them in a stealth shelf with tints, the twocers must have heard his car previously and tracked it down

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