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Got my neons on!!!!!!!!


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sortedford Posted on May 7 2003, 01:05 AM


they look wikid mate, thought u n jon would have gone for green tho?

as for law- whats that then   


We aint twins u know! :roll: jons going for green and ive gone for blue just to make some difference between our cars 8)


Considering they are Max Power shite and i got them for £100 off ebay i think they look the business -really bright and covers the whole floor underneath:))

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98gt Posted on May 7 2003, 01:36 AM


Lookin' good  I'm sure the boys in blue won't appreciate them 


Yeah I know! I was lucky on Monday just after they got fitted, cos me and Jon left his house and round the corner the police were just standing by the petrol station and pulled Jon over who was in front for numerous offences :)) and theres me 20metres behind with neons on, fogs on, bass pumping and to top it all off - flooring it and they dont even bat an eye lid! wouldnt of noticed anyway cos i was too busy looking down towards the fuse box trying to find the bloody button to turn them off :roll:

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