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Cracked Bumper


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Because I am apparently a total idiot :( I managed to run my Finesse into a post in a car park today (I know, I know), and I cracked the front bumper, as you can see here:




Ignore me if this is the wrong place to ask - but can I fix this up myself? It's very small compared with some of the others I've seen online (alongside suggestions of new bumpers etc), but will it spread? What type of materials, e.g. filler and paint would I use if I can do that?


Thanks :)

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in short yes. drill a small hole at the end of the cracks... this takes the stress off them and stops them spreading. Fiber glass from behind.and fiberglass paste (p38) or similat... rum down and cataloy/plastic padding ECT. paint... this onle depends how bad the cracks are tho.. like under that towing eye cover ECT
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Thanks a lot people! You aren't shy on the advice are you - what a great forum! :) Thank you for the welcomes, too. I think I'll try to fix it up using your suggestions then, as it's not too visible - as long as I can stop it from spreading, that is.
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