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My New GTi


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Cheers Guys, just got the car on Thursday, gave it it's first bath today. The wheels are 17's, and I think it must just be the pictures mate, cause the spats and skirts, are the same colour as the car. This weekends job is to get the drums painted. Oh aye, I am based in Dumfries, Scotland. Edited by jslater83
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Looks nice mate :thumb:




Got a great shine to the paint :O


Cheers, just gave it a bath, and Meguiars 3 stage today. Took me 6 hours, but well worth it. Just need to clay the bottom half, and it should be done.


very nice :thumb: , but its screaming for color coded handles :cheers:

On the to-do list, but it just keeps growing the more I look at this forum, some quality cars on here, that are giving me some great ideas.

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