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XR2i Beach ~Buggy,


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right then,


i've got an xr2i which im basically chopping up 2 use as a mental light weight buggy,


what i want to do is bold a turbo on it, basically just for as a "gimmick" as this thing aint exactly gonna be serious,




what i want to know is...... will the XR2i management, work having it there? if not, what "cheap" things could i do just for it to run?


i'll only be running about 5ish PSi, if that

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if it melts, it melts, i'll just whack in another engine, :)



i just wanted to know if it would actually run, most prob wont be even be 5 psi lol, wont reeli need it as it'll weigh next to nothing, wouldn't mind having the time to make it RWD, but i really cant be bothered lol.....


only doing this as im bored and on recall from the forces.......


tell me more about this 5th injector idea..... where could one obtain a crude pressure switch that would work on boost? id surely need a way of making the injector pluse? or would it just stay full open when it gets a current?




oh and excuse the spelling mistakes in the very top but i had to write it in a hurry and didn't read it back :(

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