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Removing Windscreen

Mike C

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How difficult a job is it to remove a MK6 Windscreen?


I need to get mine out. I know fitting is a job for the professionals, but surely removal isn't so hard? Bearing in mind I don't want to save the screen I'm removing.





pee easy if you dont want it.big hammer jobby :roll:

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I don't think you could save it anyway. Open the doors & drape an old bed or dust sheet across the dash to catch most of the glass & shut them again, jamming the sheet. Then start smashing (& wear gloves & goggles!).


Why not leave it to the pros if you're having a replacement fitted? They'll have special sheets. Autoglass did my OH's Punto & didn't leave any sign of broken glass.

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I haven't got any dash or interior...


I need it out now, but won't be having a replacement fitted for probably about 12 months




try sitting on the seats and push it out with your feet.worth a go.


oops just seen no interior. put some thing in their to sit on.

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some people have no idea.


Get a long knife, they are like those craft knives that you can snap the end off to reveal a freash cutting blade. using that, slide it round the windrscreen from the inside, between the glass and the metalwork, putting light pressure on the screen, pushing slightly, will help you while you are cutting round the screen because as you make an insicion into the bond, the screen will move away from the metalwork, enabling you to get the glass out.


Does that make sense?

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