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Mk6 & 7 Escorts


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yes 100%, i have an X plate and its a MK6 :-)

Nice one. My van is a 2000 T reg & as faras I can see there's bugger all difference with my old 1996 P reg. :cheers:


There is no MK7, from '95 onwards was Mk6, which they ended on!


but in 99 they stopped doing 3drs and only did the flight and finesse that had some changes to the escort


What changes were they BTW?

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yes Tom, might be an X plate thing?


John, is it possible for me to fit the feature to my escort which turns wipers on automatically when i squirt the washers? Just wondered.


anything is possible if you know how! It is a useful function!


I Don't know how its done, its one for Mrmetallica to answer :thumb:

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Any pics of the handbrakes and air vents for comparison?


from the X plate escort






early mk6:



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