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My new car


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Well this is my new car Thought id show you all Got alot planned for it






Its a 1.8 SXi Feels so much quicker than my 1.8 escort (i do miss it :( ) So far i have added some silver speedo rings SXi kick plates Spoiler is sitting in my bedroom New brakes are being fitted today all round


Here is a list of my ideas


Silver centre console

New gear knob


Paint calipers red

New alloys - 5 spoke 17s

Lower a tad

New grill (In post)


De-restrict air box

new panel filter

vectra c intake pipe

Exhaust of some sort


and anything i fancy doing :D


Comments welcome good or bad and ideas Will update this if anyone is interested

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looks smart,black has to be the best colour for these.. What spoiler u got? i like some of the bits u can get for these cars..is the 3 door spoiler different? or is the spoiler im thinking of found on sporty models of 3 and 5 doors?


Yeah black does seem to suit them Got got the irmscher spoiler which is found on most astras The other one you might be thinking of is the GSi spoiler which is quite high


De-badge it and it'll look a whole lot better! :pancake:


Another thing im going to do


Get SRi lights on it :thumb:


and another Want smoked headlights all round

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