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fresh paint, fresh pics


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only a couple of phone pics for the min. will get better pics once i get time and batteries in my proper camera.


i only painted it about 5-6 months ago, but wasn't happy with the finish. so done it again yesterday. a couple of runs here and there, but not bothered as these will flat out. the pics are not showing the final finish. it still need flatting and G3 mopping. then it will be much shinnier. but then white isn't very good for showing shine anyway, lol.







i've started work on the rear off side quarter. flatting and buffing





will be getting clear side repeaters and silvertec bulbs


colour by the way is brilliant pure white with a bit of ford frozen white mixed in.

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That looks stunning karl, your so lucky that u can paint yourself, i'd love to be able to have all fresh paint on my car but its not worth spending £1500 on a r reg escort si lol. Wish i could paint myself even so i could do bumper and bonnet lol.
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yeah the coats were a little thin last time.


its pure brilliant white, but then i also had a ltr of ford frozen white added to it too. still got enough paint left for any repairs if need be. still need to do the roof as i didnt do it this time. just incase i ran out of paint..


overall i'm happy with it. its not perfect. got a few runs, but then it was only a £10 gun and little experice. not bad for only the second time i've painted a full car and second time i've use 2k paint! once its been sanded and mopped it should be all nice and shiny

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