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Carbon Fibre Roof Skins

Mike C

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Would anyone be interested in the above?


It could be bonded onto your existing roof skin purely for cosmetic purposes, or the old skin could be cut out and this be bonded on for functionality. Ideal for people wanting to save weight, lose their sunroof etc.


Price depends on how many people are interested, but, say if we could get 10 people on here and I could get 10 people elsewhere, the price could be very good indeed.


Even just with 10 people total the price could be pretty impressive to be honest



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If we could get 10 people interested, the production costs for the mould could get wiped out completely, plus a 15% discount, which could mean mucho cheapness for such a hardcore Carlos Fandango mod! Would require a deposit before the mould is produced though. I'll learn more later today.


Tez? Trig? Mike? Anyone fancy one?

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Mike- might be worth bartering with the fabrication firm (phil is it?) as the whole "need 10+ for no tooling charge" has to change in the current financial climate! It'd be difficult getting 10 people from the entire internet to buy one of these, let alone this site and PF..


Hustle them down!!

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It's Mike Skinner @ Performance Trim


I've been chatting to him again today and this is what we can get now.


For 5 or more roof skins, the price is £395+VAT, that's it.


If, however, we can get more, the price can be reduced by a further 10%


Including myself I have 2 definites for a roof skin and a couple of "maybes"


And anyone interested in Carbon Fibre bonnets:


£495+vat. Fully carbon Road-Spec. (4 – 6kg)


£395+vat. Standard Road-Spec (carbon fibre outer skin, fibreglass, glossy black inner skin). (5 – 7kg)


£395+vat. Fully carbon Race-Spec. (honeycomb core to add strength and stiffness) (2 – 5kg)


“Road spec” – means direct replacement, full replica inside and out, ready to bolt-on. “Race spec” means a reinforced outer skin, for use with bonnet pins (no inner frame structure).



again that's based on 5 orders, and 10+ will see a further 10% decucted from the price

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