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Cosworth Clock

Andy 3i

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Haynes doesn't cover RS or cosworth :(

Its the ambient air temperature, but not sure how to wire it in.

Does matt still come on here? I haven't seen him. Could you ask him for me?

My issue is that i have 5 wires on the standard clock, but the cosworth one has 8. I'm guessing that the other ones are for temperature and ice warning lights, but i havent got a connector. I would hard wire it, but dont know which wires go where and dont really want to blow it up :(

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Well the clock has a long 8 pin connector which i dont have. It's still attached to a cossie somewhere. I haven't got a pic as its at work. I'm just wondering why it needs 8 wires? If i can connect up the normal 5 and it'll work then i'll be happy.

BBC - If you could that'd be good.

Stu - Thanks for looking :thumb:


I guess it can be done?

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Do you want me to get a pic of the back? Showing the connector? Its in pieces as i put a new LCD in so i can show it with the casing off too if that helps. I'll take some on monday :)


Gaz - I'm not sure if its the same? Dont know what the fiesta one looks like ?(

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I've got some pics today:










I've been looking around the net to no avail :(


And no comments about my shoes :P

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Id take the white casing off and put your std clock connector on it carefully. Bend the other two gently out of the way. These two will be for the temp sender.

Make sure the connector is the right way round when doing it this way. i.e make sure the male plugs little notch is facing the outside of the board. If that made sense. That will properly work.

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