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just wondering


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my mate recently bought a "GTI" escort, anyways its got the usuall A/C, ABS GTI bits, but somethings making me think its not an actuall GTI, it has the chrome front grille, the chrome number plate surround on the rear, no rear spats, the door handles and mirrors arnt colour coded, and only has jacking point cut outs on the rear of the skirts, any ideas?.
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looks like a fool has retro fitted some bits to his ghia(or some other model with ghia and gti bits on)


I think ur mate has been conned, but check the V5,it will say on there what it is (not sure if the v5 for ghias says ghia,but i know SIs and GTIs have it on the V5)


does it have leather seats? if so then tell him to buy some real skirts and spats so it may aswell be a gti and be happy hes saving money on the insurance!

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