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just shat myself !


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DONT LAUGH :rolleyes:


right ive had the steering cowling off to have a look at the 6 speed wiper stalk that is on and try to work out why it doesnt work. (i have a new one coming this week :) )


anyway i read somewhere on here (i think it was Johns,Lordjc, thread/post) that the horn fuse is number 3. so i removed this thinking i have now disabled the horn.


i startd to take off the stalk carefully as i absolutly hate messing around with stuff like this and was concerned i'd get a smack in the face from the airbag :pancake:



P !!!!


i lept up from the seat banging my head on the roof,spilling a red hot cup a tea i had tactically placed between my legs and i wont even tell you what surprise nearly fell out of my ar$e :pancake:


after doing this and all the neighbours had dried their eyes after laughing so much i made my way to the laptop,and now here i am :rolleyes:


once you lot have stopped laughing also and can see the monitor again,can anyone tell me which fuse is for the horn or do i have to disconnect the batttery?



thought you would all enjoy this event so ive shared it with you :pancake:

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LMAO how funny! first time i done this with charley, and we knew about the horn so disconnected the battery!


then sunday i changed my new car ones to the old ones from my old car and didnt disconnect the battery it beeped for a second when i took it out, but when puttin it back in it wouldnt stop lmao was so funny watchin me put the stalks down then back on and then off again cos i couldnt get them to sit back down properly lmao!!!!!!!


absolutely hilarious reading that was!!! lmao i got a couple of dodgy looks at work cos i was laughing out loud!! lmao



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