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Removing Tar


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from a professional valeters point of view (fully trained and qualified by AUTO GLYM) with 12yrs experience, AG tar & glue remover will remove most tar spots, spray it on your wheel give it 5mins to work then remove with a bug remover microfibre cloth, if this doesnt work repeat procedure again until completely gone, then polish wheel back up as tar & glue will leave a dull finish on your wheel but should be safe to use on most alloys, use AG SUPER RESIN to polish rim back up then coat in rimwax, this should be available from any good motorist store
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I have AG tar remover and I have to say, Im not a big fan. Once I have run out Im going to try Autosmart Tardis, that is supposed to be really good.


Using a combination of tar remover and clay will clean them up a treat, once you have done that, a quick polish with something like AG SRP and then wax it with whatever wax you have, dont worry about getting a specific wheel wax, Im finding out that its not necessary and Ive started using one of the waxes I have for the bodywork on the wheels.

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