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Engine swaps??


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just wondering if any1s ever heard of a duratec v6 from mondy being put into mk5 escort before??

Because Ive got both and seriously thinking bout doing this swap, I cant really see any major hurdles as they both use the mtx75 gearbox which is what the engine mounts by on that side. All would need to do is make an engine mount from original v6 mount on left hand side to escort inner wing.

Ive measured up and physically itll fit, may need some of the firewall cutting back and depending on how low the engine sits it may need a little trimming of the slam panel but these are nothing major.

Exhaust will just need a small straight section making up so end of manifolds meet escort exhaust.

Getin mate to do all the wiring -which is a relief!!!

Got svt parts to make v6 up to 200hp spec and would source msdheaders with decats to push that a little higher.

So in all should go like stink and sound awesome too!!!

But I would greatly apprietiate if any1 can see any major flaws in my plans as it would save me lots of time and aggro!!

Cheers everyone

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yeah the duratec v6 is a little heavier than a zetec and not quite as heavy as an I4 so weight shouldnt be any problem??

As the v6 has aluminium block and heads and the zetec has a cast iron block. the v6 at 200bhp would be smooth and refined power but if you tune a zetec naturally aspirated to 200bhp with the the throttle bodies and cams etc... it would be lumpy and generally a terrible every day drive whilst goin round town.

Let alone the price think how much it would cost to tune your zetec to this level and look at how much these v6s are -150pound. I know the zetec is a fantastic engine thats whats in my 3i now but ive had a v6 mondy and you just cant match the v6 power. And once its in a possible 350bhp is achievable with a supercharger and no internal mods, no zetec can match that!!!

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Weight wont be an issue, the escort has quite a large engine bay, if you need to cut the slam panel, just make sure you strengthen in other areas. With a proper susp set-up the handling will be fine. Would make a good conv


Although its worth noting the vauxhall v6 is smaller and would fit better, just get the required bellhouseing kit.


Dont mean to pee on that idea but we put a 2.7 honda engine in the back of a fiesta and it dont steer to well in the wet it just wonts to go straight on even with ballast in the front "engine bay"



Thats a bit of an obv problem that tho, why put such a heavy engine in such a light car that steers from the front?? The weight will take all the grip away from the front wheels.


Without suitable susp and droop limiters its pointless

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if he gets the suspension set up correct with strengthening etc then weight wont be a issue. main issue is strengthening the slam panel brakes and suspension thats my opinion anyway i think its a good idea i personally think it would do alot of escorts and if done subtle then street sleeper it would catch alot of people out
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