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MK5 saloon on autotrader


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not been on here in a while... looking to get another escort and saw this saloon for sale





I've done a HPI check and it's all clear. Is this a reasonable price for this age? Went to look at the car and its mint. Not a mark on it. Seems abit suspicious that the price is that low....


what do you reckon?


^^^^ sorry for wrong section :(

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LMAO bought MANY a car without HPI. anything over 2k i would.


but a good enough look around the car will be fine. also having a HPI doesnt mean it wont be a ringer if it aint decleared with the insurance/dvla so erm...... rather abruptly "more fool you"


but if its free - why the devil not.


and when im talking of HPis i mean full £30 jobbies not the £3 text number

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The reason for using HPI checks is to


match chassis number

engine plate numbers

engine size

see if its been involved in a accident i.e write off

to see if its wanted by police

Finance on the vehicle


So your telling me that he/she can go and buy what they think is a nice straight car then few weeks/months down the line getting tugged by the police because his car is bent, HPI checks are there for a reason, its so that people that dont know what to look for or any un-suspecting buyers can get a rough guide on how many owners and to do there own checks, ive always done them and being in the industry of recovering vehicles/repossessing vehicles people who i talk to and deal with realise how important it is when buying a vehicle no matter how expensive or how old the car is. Better to be safe then sorry. Ive come across 2 people one that spent only 400 quid on a car the other spending 10k on a car, one was a cut and shut and the other was wanted by the police so HPI have a purpose, Dont do it then have the risk of having a ringer

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Dont always go by the mileage, look for simple things i.e ware and tear on the carpets, seats steering wheel. also the engine bay looks very clean. expansion tank looks very clean so either its new or a genuine low mileage car. make sure you check the national mileage certificate like claimed to have, id say it looks genuine
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Its a low mileage mk5b with a BEIGE interior.....the price is quite high compared to some of the 1.8Si mark 6s u can get. OK they may not have flawless arches but at least they'll have a better looking interior and coded bumpers!


Low mileage dont mean much to me. That car will still cost just as muc to run as one with over 100,000 on it. The wishbones may not have covered that many miles but theyre still made of rubber that has been aging for 14 years!...and so on and so on

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