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my escort 2.0


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hi just joined, and wanted to get off to a good start so heres some pics of my escort gri replica with a 2.0 mondeo si conversion including all wiring , oversized downpipe, de-cat pipe, rs2000 center section, and exhausts.com back box,

just sat it on a full g-max kit with 70mm lowering on 16" mondeos hope ya like .........






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Looks good, looks like it could do with a good polish.

Welcome to EVO :thumb:

yeah took em quickly other day as light was fading fast lol dont wanna polish it yetas some f*c*ink A**E hole cracked all front bumper other day and smashed my lovely ghia chrome grill to bitswhile i was in asda shopping so looking for a nice bumper and grill to finish her off completly lol

thanks for the welcome ..

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Alright Welcome to the forum. Car looks good and in the best colour aswell ;)

thanks.. it might be the best colour but try finding a bumper in radient red there rarer than a virgin in doncaster lol

thanks for the welcome.


I got mine for £15 from my local scrappy :thumb: there was one in last month aswell. There £25 to post :nutter: , otherwise id look out for one for ya.

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