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retrim or not?


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right, been thinking about this...


white leather where i can get it, in the pics, but obviously the instrument surround would need to be painted. also the logo's would be embroided.







and then the pillars on the out side.. today i just stuck a bit of window film on to get the idea. i'd either paint it, or use vinyl.


do i leave it all together, just do the back ones, or both?





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you could trim the instrument surround! just need to trim it first so it'll fit after the leathers been stiched on - would be the first i'd seen



spose it wont hurt to give it a try, lol. can always sand and paint it anyway if need be.


it will only be that false leather stuff, so will be more plyable. unless i can get the real thing cheap enough, but i doubt it, when they normally about 500 per hide, lol.

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I think it look sgood with the pillar, makes it look like the window is extended.


Karl can you do a photoshop with both pillars done, would like to see what that looks like





That is sweet!!!

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