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limiting internet usage


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seen as my 8 year old son's a type 1 diabetic (thats insulin dependant for those that dont know) I allways buy him toys instead of choc for easter, this time round I bought him a pc which he can have in his room with wireless connection to my modem/router down here in my office.


I was just wondering if anyone knew of someway/program that would limit his internet usage so I wasnt forced to constantly trudge up the stairs every five minutes to make sure his eyes havnt started to glaze over infront of his monitor?

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Your router itself might have some kind of scheduling feature in it that'd limit usage?


its a netgear jobbie reboxed for Sky so I havnt the foggiest what its capable of, tho Id have to say Ive not came acroos anything.


just installed it with the sky broadband disk and away it went, didnt have anything else to do with it :unsure:

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was kinda hoping there'd be something I could just install on his pc that'd simply cut off internet explorer but would be password protected.... I just assumed there'd be something like that due to the popularity of IE.
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