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Hi thought id introduce my self here

Up North

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Hi there new to this forum and must say everyone is so helpfull and the knowledge of the members have is great and I have been helped out a lot here already :) .


I have a mk6 van project at moment that i am driving i bought it for £750 ..quite steep but the cleanist i could find and also on a y reg so no rust any were and was fairly straight. Its a 1.8 TD and is the 75 series.


so the project.... I want to make this van look half decent so first i started with the interior.

removed the interior completely inc rubber carpet. fitted from a donor car the sound proofing and carpet.

In went 2 Si wing backseats, matching door cards, center console with arm rest thingy, wood dash.


I then fully partishioned the cab from the back with mdf and then carpet tiled it in the cab this looks good and is good sound proofing also


here is a few pics


here is the van before the fitting of the front si bumper



here is a rear view of the van



here is the van with si bumper painted and fitted.. looks OK imo :rolleyes: loll



pic of inside front of van.




Bought some si alloys to fit on van will fit tomorow and post pic of them fitted



Loads more work to do to it yet but its getting there :thumb:


Will update with progress as i go.


this is a great forum :thumb:



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£750 isn't steep ya tight northern git, lol! :pancake: Bloody good bargain I think for that year & condition. :thumb:


Yeah that 'wood' dash isn't going to convince anyone that it's real, bin it!


Great basis for a modded Van. Are you using it for work? If not, that safety beacon should fetch a good price on Ebay. :cheers:

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hi niel this van is used for my work sorta .. it just gets me there loll


will take a better pic of bumper showing the spliter


thanks for the kind comments and help from you all.


today i fitted the wheels .... not to hard or a long job i hear you all say?


well maybe not :vangry: ... if the rear axle hadent been of centre (drivers wheel was rubbing the iner arch and pasenger had a big gap)


so i undone the u bolts and moved the bar over as far as i could but only gained a small bit of space on drivers side ..so of to halfords a i go and buy some spacers


this made the wheel miss the inerarch a lot better i finished it of by reshapeing a bit of the iner edge of arch with a big hammer loll .. both wheels now sit and are spaced even :thumb:


here are some pics with wheels on ... sorry pics are a bit dark but time i finished it was late.





will update as i progress



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