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Night out in Edinburgh


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Alright guys/gals. My team is testing at Knockhill next Saturday, so we're gonna go out in Edinburgh on the Saturday night. I wanna know if any of you know of any good places to go, wanna show my driver a good time!! :cheers:
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:drool: Ah fond memories, I was based in rosyth many years ago, and had many a good night out in Edinburgh, there is a street that runs parrellel with the main drag called ROSE STREET, wall to wall bars and clubs tried many a time to pub crawl every one and never succeded, :drunk: but had fun trying, may have changed a bit it was a few years ago

have fun :cheers:

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city is always busy m8 and a good night, not too expensive either

pee off.


me and the mrs went last year for the weekend for my birthday -

2x chicken madras

2x keema rice

1x Keema Nan

4x pomadoms

2x Pint of stella

.........................£69 UN fcuking REAL. the EXACT same meal in a top notch place in town - £29.


Princess St is where we went- fookin' huge pubs/clubs either side all the way brill!!!

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