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my new car, again. french content, no ford


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Hey guys.

This is my first thread on here about my d-turbo :)

I got rid of the cabriolet, and got this instead back in january, cheaper to run, and a comfier ride :)

anyways, ill give you a quick spec of it:

99 T plate

Blaze Yellow

bought it on 94k (now on 96K, lol)

all phase 3 bits inside (clocks, dash surround, gear knob, steering wheel)

6 Disk multi-changer in boot

full service history

tax til end of april

MOT until july something

cambelt was changed at 87k with all receipts for work done on car :)

originally came with BK Racing 17's

also came with standard meridian wheels

tints all around, dark on back 3 windows, light on front 2

its also had a stage 1 tune, turned up the diesel pump and turbo, goes a little better now :)

and thats about it really :)


anyways, here a few pics of it when i got it:


























Then i had it lowered on the weekend, and bought the 17's

i know the front is a bit higher, but im gonna wait for the springs to settle first, then decide what im doing :)






then i put half leather in it, and changed the wheels to GTi-6 wheels (cyclones), so heres how it stands now: oh and i know the back looks ALOT lower in these pics, but it due to the hill im parked on, its massive, lol.











Comments please?

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Ahhh... Another one turned to the dark side :pancake:


Welcome to the world of Frenchness... :thumb:


How well do the 306 TDs run?


this is his 4th or 5th one now lol


with the boost and pump turned up, they go really well... a little too well


yeah, i have had 3 D-Turbo's and 2 306 cabriolet 2.0l 16v, lol

i have had my pump and turbo turned up, and it goes much better than it did.

i still got a few things to do it it aswell;


Decat and de-middle box'd exhaust being fitted today

turn the pump and turbo up more

induction kit

and hopefully, finally a front mount intercooler :)


and also want a phase 3 front bumper, pahse 3 rear bumper and GTi-6 skirts :)

also wanna get the front 2 windows tinted a little darker :)

it'll be done then, and will possibly concentrate more on the engine side of things then :)


thanks for all the comments so fat though guys :)

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Nice, I was going to get one of these or a 106 for my 1st car, glad I bought a Escort now though.


Atleast you got the best colour


yeah, i done the escort thing, 1998 TD, then a 1998 1.8 Ghia X, 115ps :)

got bored, and went french ;)

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