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[Wanted] - Guide on how to tint rear lights


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First off remove the lights from the car(kinda obvious!)

There are 4 bolts on the main light, and 1 on the fog lights(behind the boot trim you will find these!)


Once removed give the lights a good clean, and use some acetone(nail varnish remover) on them once dry to remove any residue left over after washing!


Use some masking tape to mask up the rubber seals on all the lights before spraying, then in small left to right strokes spray the lights using a light tinting spray (i used the savage one!) Depending on how dark you want them depends on how many coats to give them! The tint spray i used has a lacquer in it, so did not need to use a lacquer on the lights but yet again this is a personal decision as to if you want to use a seperate one or not!


Allow the lights to dry (kind of obvious again!) before putting back on the car, being extra careful not to push on the newly sprayed areas, so not to cause any finger prints!


Stand back and admire your new looking lights!!



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And i'm guessing once lacquer'd and dried, if I was to wash my car a few days later it wouldn't affect the tint at all...


make sure you leave at least 24 hours before you attempt to wash the car!


I washed mine and ive had no cracking or any change in the shade of tint! very pleased with it using the above method! :D



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ok lets clear this up! I have fully tinted my rear lights....mine are NOT illegal! They are not dark enough to stop light reflecting off of the reflector that is in one square of the main light! (see my sig!)


As long as your light reflects it is legal!


If you wanted to fully tint your lights so it doesn't reflect you must add 2 reflectors to the back of the car, as long as all lights shine through the tinting this is also legal!



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