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engine cosmetics


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Well my engines lined up for a couple of weeks (1.6 cvh) and even tho its essentially a fill-in engine till I get round to the Rst conversion I wouldnt mind having a play with its looks before I drop it in the mk5b (kinda like a tester before I get serious with the planned Rst)




Anyone got some advice on prepping and painting engine blocks?, best paint, finish options, durability, colour choices.... etc?

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degrease the block , i use thinners or petrol ,


give it a quick key with some scotch ,


then paint it in any colour hammered finish hamerite you like,.


hmmmmmm hammerite, tho a good choice of colours its finish isnt exactly pretty, I was considering powder coating the block for a more reflective flat finish while have the visible outward surfaces of the head polished.....only drawback with that option is it'll require a more comprehensive strip down of the engine to accomplish :glare: .


tsk..... surely there's a middle ground somewhere maybe?


can anyone give me a idea of the finish on the spray aerosol version of hammerite?....photos even??

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