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my first mk6! coming from a volvo 850!


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Hi all,

here is a pic of my new purchase, it's a 98' escort mk6 finesse 1.6 16v with 83.000mls and is totally original! i love it! i bought this to replace my ageing volvo 850!



one thing though is it has a white engine bay and bulkhead? was cost saving on fords part?

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Odd move going from a big old 850 lol


As said its not uncommon to have a white engine bay, my mates old silver gti had a white engine bay, and my old amparo blue gti had a black engine bay lol


that's good news! the reason for changing was the volvo needed alot of jobs doing plus 19mpg around town, it was time to change......i'll miss her but can't afford her anymore!!

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thanks everyone for your kind words, i'd like to lightly mod it as it's so nice i.e clear side repeaters, maybe leather/half leather interior, k&n filter and a stainless exhaust.


it's not 100%, there's minor rust spots around the sill and roof weather strips, a small crack and hole in the rear bumper and some knocking from the front suspension? and there's no service history! i know i shouldn't, but it was evident that it had been well looked after i have checked the cambelt and it looks o.k a little worn but no cracks etc i can still make out the writing just (what's the schedule for these?) i think it has been changed as the power steering reservoir is cable tied in it's location.

it's only had two owners from new and even has three spare keys including the red one!! it's also been fitted with a toad sterling pro/cl alarm which isn't bad as i have remote locking and the doors lock when the engine is started just like my works transit does (if anyone has a manual for this which could be scanned and emailed would be much appreciated).


that's about it i think, when the weather improves i will get out and re wash it and take some pics.


:cheers: :cheers:

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