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my 1997 Escort van (big plans)


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Hello guys and girls,

I'm new to this forum and to the ford scene, I got given this escort van so thought id have a good go at her and make it into something cool.

At the moment its just a 1.8 diesel with 110,000 miles on her. Runs fine but is starting to grind around the corners, think the bearings are on the way out :(


I want to make it into a pick up truck and slam it to the ground on some nice wide wheels Probs either 13x8, 14x8 or 15x8 Depends on which look the best

I dont like the leaf springs so i think i will be changing the rear axle for an escort saloon version and re build the suspension turrets. Then i can have coilovers all around. Sounds like a lot of work but i'm not to bad at the old grinder and welder so have no problems in giving it a go.


Anyway this is it. not the best looking thing yet but once i have done a few sketches of how i want it to look ill upload them :)








If anyone knows whether the axle mounting points are the same please do tell or if there are any differences as i'm not familiar with these cars at all.


Will keep you posted

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So i would have to make new mounting points on the underside of the car, or cut the mounting points of the saloon and fabricate them to fit.

Sounds like it will be a fun challenge, thanks.


Do you get many people offering scrap escorts on here as it would be a shame to hack up a good one or one with potential.


One more thing, is my van a Mk5 or Mk6





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So here is a quick sketch i have done of the plan so far. The diameter of the tyre is the same as the standard, however the wheels have been made bigger, id say around 15" i think, to be honest not sure though.

Bodywork is standard at the minute all bar the roof which has been replaced by a flat saloon version and of course its now a pick up




Its most certainly going to be different and not to everyones taste, but thats good :)

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Thanks for the welcome and replies guys, im glad you like the idea.


Here is another quick render for you to get the idea of my plan,

Hope you like







Really? :rolleyes:


Nice sketch, wish i was more artistic! Cant draw for fcuk

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