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Anybody work for orange?


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The g/f has a phone locked to orange which can only be unlocked via orange, but we dont really want to pay the £25 to unlock it as its not really worth much more itself,

so was wondering if anybody works for orange and could help us out :)



i think its a viewty or something, not sure how its spelt.



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Windows cannot access the specified devive, path or file. you may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.


is all i get when i try and open the windown Enabler file :(


You know the Viewty has two modes for data access, the mode where it acts like a usb drive & another for windows & data?

As said your best asking all things at the site I provided. I havn't modified Viewty's for a while now & my info would only arise from researching that site.

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the free programs wont unlock if your viewty unless its one of the early sold ones.


Later models will need unlocked by a shop that has the vygis toolbox unlocking kit.


Used to be my line of work, I now work for orange and no one can get the code we dont have them, the have to applied for through LG and Oranges handset unlocking team.

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