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F.I.T.P 2011


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Was good to see the normal faces, and see new people that attended


Weather was half decent

Roll on Classic Ford !


Yeah mate you know. Looking forward to camping and sinking a beer or two (or more lol)



if i can get a new gti or make a decent one out of mine i may be there

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DNB, you didn't take a picture of my car :P The blue cabby is my girlfriend's though!


Was nice to see a couple of familiar faces too, and a big thanks to John for bringing his code reader over to our stand to try on my poorly car!


Sorry fella lol. What motor was yours? Near your girlfriends?


Was opposite the cab, red RS2k on Super Ts!

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What would be the legality on riding in the trailer thing?


If it is illegal then why put teles in there, you'd just board it out and use it as a storage trailer that looks like a car (with tinted glass) or you'd put a bed in it or something

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