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Phase Two Focus ST.


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Been trying to find 'the right' ST for a while now and found one yesterday with all the right bits attached.....


However I've a few questions....


Car was stone cold when I wet to view it and had not new through the valet yet so under the bonnet was exactly how the last owner left it, which I like to see, took the oil filler cap off and found a small amount of 'mayo' under it, showed the sales person etc.... Cleaned it off and refitted. Took it out for a run and it's clearly had an ecu upgrade....


Goes like the mess off a shovel compared to others.... Pops and bangs on over run and is not de-cat'd


Got it back after it was all warmed up and had a good test.....


On a standstill it's got a VERY slight vibration at about 2k rpm, and there was mayo back on the filler cap....


Now I'm most likely leaving well alone but curiosity has got me on this one, I'm thinking it's either HG failure or it's cracked a liner due to excessive boost....


Your thoughts?

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