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37p more for a pack of cigarettes


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..and sorry, back on topic.


No surprises with rises in cigarette prices, but a little surprising that there has been no rise in duty on alcohol - I can't recall if this was "frozen" last year?


Also, top rate of tax down to 45% from 50% as of April 2013. I think this was a 'meet in the middle' deal.. The £150,000 limit (whilst high to all of us) is still a low figure in the grand scheme of things, and I thought they may have kept the rate at 50% but raised the threshold to maybe £200,000.

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One of shawdreamers mates, probably.


Tsk, asains are to erm "tight lipped" for my tastes.


cheek of you you anyway, complainin about 39p....... gimme 20p and Ill give ya somethin to toke on all night long ya scotch biatch. :))

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