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car photography


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going with my brother in law to get some pics of the car ( to give him practice in car photography),

he usually does pics of people or buildings and is good with lighting, exposures and filtering


what i want is ideas on best types of shots to do of cars that will make the pictures to a higher standard,

he is good at photo taking but we need inspiration for him to get the right shots,( he intends to do car shows in the summer and wants some practice),

so i will get some professional type pics of my car and he will gain greater knowledge of shooting vehicles from various angles with different back grounds.

need inspiration and ideas for daylight and nigh time pics.

cheers in advance for any help on this.

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I quite like pics of cars from the front, taken at an angle and from quite low down, like this;





Night shots you can do a long exposure and wander through the background with a torch, that works quite well.


Oh, and night pics in multi storeys usually look quite good.

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Buy a GorillaPod or similar and a full size tripod.


Oh and a remote shutter (either cable or IR)


That way you can take many shots at different angles using arty settings as well as normal settings from the exact angle each time. Then you do not need to rely on the camera screen to see if a shot is good or not.


It also removes or reduces the shake you get from holding the camera meaning you can take some awesome looking shots with slow shutter speeds.


Personal favourite is on a motorway bridge (the farmer type ones that no one ever uses), park the car at an angle on the bridge and set the camera on the tripod facing the car with a background shot of both carriageways. Set slow shutter (2-10 seconds on a busy motorway and upto 30 on a quiet motorway) with low exposure. Try it at different times of the day with different filters.

Works great at night also if you can get the lighting right on the car itself without dazzling drivers below.


Writing in the air using a torch or similar in front of the car at night with slow shutter can look good but it takes time and patience to get the right shot!

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