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MK6 Escort key cutting


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Hopefully someone can help me out with info concerning getting a new key for a 1999 MK6 escort Finesse.


I currently only have two original keys. The red master key (unused) and the torch key that is badly worn. I am having trouble operating the locks with the worn key, but don’t want to be taking the master key out with me. Dont want the risk of losing it. I popped into my local Ford dealer and was told the key will need programming once cut. Cost of the new key was just over £100 and that was with Ford employee discount! Now I don’t want to be paying that just for a key.


My key has a red insert on the top which I guess is where the chip is located. Can I still use a key that has not been programmed. Will it unlock doors and start the car? If not would keeping the old worn out key on the key ring with the new unprogrammed one work as the sensor will pick up the chip in the old key. I can get a new tibbie key off EBay for under a £5 and get it cut cheap enough.


Advise or tips much appreciated?



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Hi all and thanks for your replies.


I have done a search on here and found the method of matching a new key to the ECU with the use of a red master key. Looks very simple and will give it a go once my new key arrives and I have it cut.


No the fella was defiantly trying to get me to book the car in for 1 hours labour charge to program the new key. That’s why I don’t trust main dealers and do all my servicing and repairs myself.



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