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Lost rear lights, fogs etc


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Hi there, so I have an electrical gremlin and its really causing mischief now.

I have no

- dash lights

- console lights (although the switches for the window and boot release light up all the time whether I turn the headlights on or not)

- tail lights (either first or second click on the stalk)

- right hand brake light (the left hand brake light works, woopee)

- no fogs front and back (the switch won't illuminate either)

- no rear number plate light

- no front dipped beam


Main beam and flashing beam (whats it called?) work ok.


All fuses are intact.


As far as I can tell, everything else electrical works. I still have that problem whereby I lose power intermittently but I have had that problem for years now, its a real c*nt of a car.


I have looked through the electrical diagrams in the haynes manual and can make some sense of them but do not know where to start looking really, what to test, that sort of thing. I have a multimeter and enough enthusiam to sort this out if anyone can point me in the right direction?!




I just seen a post half way down the electrical page and it suggests the stalk itself so i'm off to the wanted section for one! Will report back if nothing changes!

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