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mk6 estate


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Pictures as promised, have another set of alloys I'm mid way through re-furbing.

Not the best but by far not the worst.

GTI half leather interior, air con the works. Only thing its missing is a head unit.


Work needed:

Paint nearside front quarter, its been painted matte black.. i hate it.

Change nearside front wheel bearing.

Polish galore.

Rust repairs, stone chips mainly.

Lower... Maybe.

Get the Anthracite wheels on once they're sorted.

Fly eyes kit on the front lights.


Also the front fog light mounts in the front bumper are damaged, i have the fogs but i need too sort out some way off mounting them.


For some of you guys on here. this is my other car.








Which is currently sitting on my drive with a chewed engine :(


Previous cars.



Standard silver micra, was a freebie can't complain.




A god awful MK3 astra, paid £200 for it and it swiftly killed itself.





A SEAT Marbella rare as hens teeth but really a Fiat panda with a new nose. Freebie but it had denim interior!!


Hope this progresses quite quickly i'm very impatient with my cars haha.

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Thank god, seems too be the only mechanical malody with this car.

Also i have too say your imp is gorgeous, the best car on this forum without a doubt.

On retrorides?

Fords are pretty solid. <---See the joke?


Thank you Sir, much appreciated, been a bit neglected past few months, poor thing.


It was in their magazine once, before all the body work had been done etc.

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