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Rev counter speedo wiring


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I wasn't great either but I did it on mine took about 20 minutes and most of that was drilling the rivet holding in the ecu. If your car has a light that has a plug on it that your car doesn't even have in my case it was the ABS i removed the pin from the wire and placed it into the rev counter pin and the wire was changed to pin 4 on the ecu saves a lot of work :)
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some are plug and play... so always worth a try before adding an extra wire...




If you have digital dials which for a finesse im assuming you do you should be able to just get some digital dials with a rev counter and plug in, i'd be surprised if ford didnt run that wire even though its not needed considering how many other bits of wiring are fitted that arent always used.


Try that first and if no luck approach the fitting a wire, its not that difficult, I had to do it for speedo signal when I converted my dials to digital, just used a bit of speaker wire, easily run up behind the dash and along to the rear of the dials where you can hook it to the black plug that goes into the back of dials.

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