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Time for a new one


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Well here's the Mondeos replacement. Certainly wont be to everyone taste but I like it.












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great family car. Nice one


what about some specs?


2.0d sport 6spd manual


Not much to say spec wise tbh. Usual elec everything, cruise, climate.

Currently sat on brand new 17" alloys with winter tyres. Have got 18" summer wheels and tyres.

Put my usual wind deflectors on as I like them. Transfered my private plate. Fit my Parrot mki5200 and added bluefin takes it to 185bhp with 300+nm torque (quoted figures)

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was in the TOP GEAR worst cars ever made...


Oh no not Top Gear, I best get rid of it quickly then :pancake:



Wouldn't be my choice but does make a lot of sense. Not nearly as bad as folk think either.


I love that 2.0d engine. I've driven a load of 3-series with the same motor and 6-speed box and think they're fantastic for what they are :D


When will you be fitting new wheels? :roll:


Got a set of 18" Summer wheels/tyres. Best rename them spring, summer, autumn wheels as we get all those seasons in one. They'll be fired on once the frost/snow has gone.

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