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not mine.... the girlfriends...


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as above my fiancee passed her test first time on 6th nov this year..

she was after getting a little 1.2 fezza or similar but due to astronomical insurance prices..we did a bit of research on parkers and came across this on the the trader..





a vauxhall corsa 1.0 life 2002 reg,6 months tax,6 months mot.. 114k ex learners car,psh..

according to parkers,one of a small selection of cars that were group 1 insurance (she still pays 1.5k on TPF&T )

after i had a inspection of the car and found a couple of niggles.. i got him down to £750 cash.

due to a split cv boot,blowing exhaust.

my first job was removing the dual pedals that were left in (disconnected but left in)

then it went to mechanics for cv boot doing,found out it needs an inner cv too..

i then replaced the front flexi/centre pipe for exhaust and after struggling with what looked like a welded in lamda for an hour.. just went and bought a new one.

my next job being a new set of TREs (due to the missus taking a corner too quick downhill and bouncing off the kerb! ) shes only been driving a month in her defence and past coupla of weeks the roads round here have been treacherous.. ive been taking it easy with the Rs..and thats it..................................for now!l lol..

shes happy for now, but (her words not mine!) as soon as she has her first ncb out the way,shell be after a fezza

comments welcome

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lol.. i was fixing her exhaust the other day and i was covered in dirt and grease etc.. so i handed her keys to the RS :S and asked her to move it down so i could park hers up and she flat out refused!!! wont even entertain the idea of driving it..i think it scares her lol!!

and i know what you mean about slow.. bringing it back on a bypass i was doing steady 50 so she could stay with me,and had to drop down to 25-30 so i didnt lose her!! but ive found if you keep it over 3k revs it does have a little life to it...

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they are definitely little run about town cars, nt much good for a lot else, problem is if your revving them quite hard all the time, it defeats the point of having a small engined car as theyre now using the same fuel that there larger counterparts would (and putting more wear on the engine that a larger one would)
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Sorry big fail for me :(


Poor car

ex instructors car (will be abused in most areas)

Next to no MOT (nice start to the new year)

High mileage

Bought with faults already (for that price I wouldn't expect to be replacing parts already)

Tax is 6 months but no selling point as it's cheap to tax for a year.


All my opinion with the worst being that it is pretty much out of MOT already.

No wonder he snapped your fingers off at £750


Did you price up fully comp insurance as it usually comes back much cheaper than TPFT?


As for taking a corner too fast down a hill, well, short time driving or not she passed her test & needs to be more careful before she mounts the kerb and there's people there that could get hurt or worse.

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Very good price that, I have just picked up a V reg 1.2 Corsa Club for my 19 year old son for £990

you paid near 1000 quid for a V reg Corsa??????????


what are you trying to teach your son? how to get royally fleeced his entire life?????????????


I bought the missus a 02reg near pristine low mileage Saxo the other month for 7ton out the local rag, Id have been insulted if someone asked me for 1k for a Vreg feckin Corsa.

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firstly... you in bad mood or sommat pete?? lol..

secondly shaw rolmao.. it is mate honestly.. i dont like driving it!! :D


yeah it is a poor car... but she was on a budget and needed a car she liked it.

instructers car yeah.. but seviced well up to 98k at main dealers,then garages after..

high mileage yes... but we couldnt find anything with lower mileage within her budget..but as i said serviced well..

bought with faults yeah hence the reason the price was dropped..was up at 990...

and the faults are all cheap repairs.. which any car you buy at this sort of price is bound to have..

ive had escorts in worse condition...

insurance.. yes.. FC was nearer 8k... hence TPF&T

as for her hitting the kerb... i worded it wrong... she was coming down a 30% incline and slowing to turn the corner,in 2nd gear,hit ice, and lost control as it slid on full lock all of 2 foot.. something every driver has experienced at one point, and as for being careful.. she was and is extremeley careful as she had our 7 year old son in the car.. ill go as far to say shes a lot safer than me.

all that being said.. your entitled to your opinion and i just felt i had to clear some things up.

jontrev... seriously some of the prices of the so called cheaper cars can be ridiculous..

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I'm in a great mood, hence why I went easy on you. :roll:

You could of done far better for that cash and with at least a decent amount of MOT.

I wouldn't pay out that amount for a car with a practically run out MOT never.

I still think you've been had off sorry mate.

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pete i sincerley apologise.... the original post has a typo whichi didnt see until just now....its mot'd for 6 months...


Apology accepted.


It's still cr@p though. :roll:


Hopefully she likes it and that's what counts, I'm sure she is overjoyed and excited at her first car.

I just personally think it's been rushed a bit & you could of held out for something far better at that price.

In all fairness it looks clean (see I'm trying hard here lol).

Get rid of that moldy tow bar though.

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not what she could insure tho pal... this was THE cheapest insurance quote she could get... they were ridiculous prices mate.. everything else ranged from 1.5k to 13k (for a 1.2 55 plate fiesta).. and as a condition of insurance shes getting a thatcham cat 1 immobilizer (the same thats in my RS by the same guy) fitted..

i searched for 5 months before her test date for cars... and tried all avenues of insurance..the cheapest way wouldve been to register the car at her mothers in devon.. which is obviously illegal.. hence we didnt do it.

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