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modding my car


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right i need everyones opinons on modding my car..


The last couple of weeks i have been thinking what i want to do to my car over the next couple of months and i want to get everyones opinions on it. Lookin at Scuzzies car at weston i have decided i am gonna flush the door handles and keylocks. I am also thinkin about tinting the windows as u have all prob read before. I dont think delta or street fighter kit would suit my car.


On a good note my morrettes will hopefully be back in for traxx as i order a new mask for it :)


Option 1) Keep rs2k skirts get evotek front and get st24 rear

Option 2) Keep rs2k skirts get cossie front and st24 rear

Option 3) GTi Rep

Option 4) What anyone else thinks


If someone could do some photoshopping for me it would be a good help for me to decide and others to voice ther opinions.


Cheers Evv

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Not sure TBH mate, I like subtlety in cars at the best of times, but i've always liked your car for the fact its fairly subtle with a really loud (and rare) colour too X(

I'd be tempted to do something really different, but subtleish at the same time - but I don't know what LOL Fat lot of good I am :D


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Thats one awesome colour!!!!! Myself i like to keep the modding subtle... so i would say change the front bumper for a GTi one which i think was option 3 but maybe add the st24 rear... the Gti front looks great with the mesh changed!! keep that splitter for the new front... and keep those skirts!!!!

I do like the idea of doing away with the locks ect... smoothes it all off nice!!!


One very nice car!!! :drool:

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option 1 IMO, defo tint and de-lock too. de-handling would be cool too. if u do the rear tho, u gotta do the front IMO (even if it is illegal LOL) cos it just don't look right. I wouldn't get rid of my handles, cos i like the mk6 handles too much on a 3-door. I was gonna (and may still) get rid of all handles on me 5b tho



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