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just had to control myself for 9 whole minutes..


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i advertised my motorbike on the internet somewhere i dunno where


i just got a phone call at bloody midnight, from some what sounded like a asian/indian lad with a lisp, or half his teeth missing.


he said i saw your bike on ebay mate,innit, right, i wana now, is it realiable mate, went yea it has but it needs the carb cleaning out, oh right, so what happened to the scratched exhaust mate,i said erm, i put in the ad i crashed it, oh right innit he replys, so what bout the fairing he said, did u smash one half off mate, which is when he lost me and i couldnt help myself from laughing, he just had this really edgy dodgy raspy voice , and he goes if you send me soome pictures mate,ill get back to you innit, my email adress, is a for andy, f for farmer,j for juliet,a for andy d for dickson at hotmail.com , i was like okay mate, he replied, safe and hung up



:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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about to beat one off

that is fooking disgusting we do not want to no about appointments u make with ur willy! :O



Dude we really dont want to know. U got the tweasers a microscope ready then??


Owwwww god. Mental image. Please excuse me. Im gonna projectile ;(

and thats the sort of thing i used to say inn middle school LOL

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man of my dreams,

oh and thats just disturbing 8o

gawd leave me alone how old are you speed freak j cause the way you said you dont want to know when i make appoinrnts with my todger you sounded like some sweet innocent lil girl :O :jaw: :roll:

the dont come much more innocent than me FPMSL :roll:

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