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just been thinking


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i got bored and i realised that i will be driving half way down the country to look at a load of cars and have a meal, staying over in a hotel so i dont have to get up early on sunday, paying for overly priced burgers which get made and served to you by under age kids and most probably get really bad sunburn again. Its gonna cost me a fcuking bomb and ive a feeling am gonna be in pain again for a week after suffering from sunburn lol




EDIT: lets work out how much its gonna cost about for me an dad:


Tickets: 15 (ish, cant remember)

Petrol: 40

Hotel: 50

Meal: 40

Food On The Day: 20

Drink On Saturday: 20

Experience and all round good time: Priceless


TOTAL: 185 :O ;( and thats if i dont buy anything while im there


For everything else, theres mastercard

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i'd like to add, i'm not drinking so if theres any1 who wants running back to their hotels after the booze up, i'll give lifts :thumb:


donantions in the form of burgers/drinks on sunday will be greatly appreciated :thumb:

is our hotel within easy walking distance of the Harvester? thought it was.


If not, i'll take u up on that mate, but shud be ok if it, can't have as much as i'd like neway cos of the early start :( will have 2 have me fill 2nite then LOL! :D :drunk:

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