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Mike C

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Nice one K3V, the feature's spot on mate, the mag was a nice addition for all the passers-by lookin' in the back from the walkway! :D 8)


cept the wind and the subs kept blowin' the page over so all they got 2 see was some Turbo Clio! :roll:

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gonna go buy max power tomoz now

don't think it'll be out tbh. Not due out til the end of the week, although i might be wrong. They were available on the stand at Trax tho. I had 3 ppl waving the mag on the page with my car out their windows on the motorway on the way home LOL! :roll:

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i had a look for it today n aint out yet :)

did it only get 2 pages mike? :(

yep only 2 :( 'tis good tho, i reckon it's a good wee feature! I saw the Max Power standy type thing, and thought about goin over 2 see if they'd got it, but thought naaaaa they won't have, then K3V pops along 2 me later and asks me if i'd sin it, so i had 2 go all the way back over to get 1 LOL! :roll: :D

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