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FAO K3V or anyone else


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no shite but i was thinking the exact same thing today - maybe get some for the new un :P


EDIT: just looked on RSOC site


Seat covers Navy/Black/Red £17.00 each OR 2x Seat Covers £30.00





click on merchandise and scroll down the bottom :thumb:

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I couldnt believe it either, i was waiting for it all day!! :P


Yep RSOC sell em, even though i cant stand the people who run it, i wanted some seat covers cos my seats are in perfect condition, and didnt want to ruin em!!

i was thinking maybe turning em inside out cos they look as if they could do and ya wouldn't see the logo then


what material are they actually made from - they look like nylon type stuff ?(

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I saw 'em and knew what u thought about the RSOC when u said in the Donnington Thread "Pump them subs some more next time Mr. Silvester" or summat LOL! thought it was weird :roll:


long as they do the job tho :thumb:


but that cud be a suggestion


Iannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! what's the possibility of adding stuff like EVO seat covers to the merchandise? u asked before about the clothes, well is there nay1 who could supply stuff like that with the EVO logo embroidered in? and stuff like maybe EVO sill plates etc?


Just an idea :thumb:

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I want some snap-on ones, but I don't think they come cheap  ;(

not sure u can use 'snap-on' and 'cheap' in the same sentence mate... ;)



EDIT: bloody hell just looked on the snap-on site - £23 EACH 8o



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