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which colour?


which would look best?  

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the mesh on my bumper needs recolouring again :( and as i have it off at the moment doing some work to it i wondered what colour you all thought i should re do it? ;) not sure whether black or silver will look best!!! :nutter: anyone got any other ideas? X( we are on about the blk car by the way!! :rolleyes: Edited by rachyxx
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Silver :)


Nice contrast imo :thumb:


OK, so it ain't different / unique...... but it's class :D


Do you wash / clean your mesh at all? ?( :) Mine does darken slightly from road grime, but I go over it like bodywork with the sponge and it improves it. Do you do anything of the sort? 8)

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id have it black since other than the wheels there isnt anything else thats silver on the exterior is there? so it wud look out of place imo


:eek: ?(


Hows that? Silver mesh doesn't look out of place on even a red car! Think Kevs / Mikes :thumb:


Yet to see a car where silver mesh looks out of place! 8) :)

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pmsl @ ian!! :roll: haven't had a problem with stone chips in the mesh, the bumper is a total nightmare thou with it being black and so low!!! ;( i am worried if i do it black, it will look like there is nothing there!! 8o but then i think if you could tell the mesh was there it would look quite smart!! X( tis sitting in the hall at the moment and cos i've sprayed the bumper (again) the mesh is black, but the car isn't here to try it on and see what it looks like!! :nutter: Edited by rachyxx
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