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having not driven my car for about 2 months, its starting to get to me ;( i declared it sorn cos it kept playing up and i lost interest in it. But im now starting to miss driving a modded car. I use the works van most of the time but its just not the same :( i really need to get myself sorted with a car soon, ive managed to save up £3000 to spend on a car but its just knowing wot car i wanna spend it on X(
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Bought a absoultly immaculate GTi 2 weeks ago for £2800, 52k 2 owners FSH, decent all round car.

But if its performance your after and you can afford the insurance MR2 Turbo.


How many other cars have this performance for the money.....Revesion 3's are good for a genuine 160mph............. :jaw:


Me and my dad are goin halfs on one as a weekend toy....... :cheers:

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modded cavalier 2.0 16v 4x4 turbo or mint cav or astra gsi might even be able 2 calibra 4x4 turbo for that 2 (LOVE VAUHALLS, MUCH MORE RELIABLE THAN FORDS) :thumb:


are they fcuk!


the build quality is shite too, look at any new vauxhall, fookin' thrown 2gether :nutter:

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