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I just spoke to his widow, Betty, she's on slagchat.com.


She's a bit upset but at least she can use his tache to clean the saucepans with on Sunday evening. :thumb:


Since I've known Lee and Ross, they've been huge fans of Stan Richards. Every conversation is 'Seth from Emmerdale this....' and 'Stan Richards that...'


I think many of us, particularly Lee and Ross, will remember Stan Richards as, controversially, an actor on Coronation Street before 'defecting' over to Emmerdale in the late 1970's.


But since joining Emmerdale, he's warmed the hearts of hardcore Emmerdale watchers such as Paul and Rob84.


And that's the person we will know and remember. For funeral arrangements, please see under members sections 'evo meets' -


if your up for it, please say something respectful like


'deffo me for this one, can we eat in the hungry horse after :thumb: '

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Shame he couldnt make one last appearance, no doubt betty will get a telegram saying there was a plane crash on his way home from australia or was attacked by possams whilst putting boxes in the attic :( He's been staying with cathy a rather long time now, expect she is glad to get rid of him.


Edit: Just read the BBC website, missed the crimbo eve appearance.

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