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After it met the fence post...


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I did this on the way to having me clutch fitted on friday afternoon...


On a twisty country road in the wet, coming up to a 90 degree corner, so braked as ya do, then turned into the corner to go round it, as ya do - wheels just locked up (no abs) and car went in a straight line into a little muddy ditch and hit a fence. Was doing about 20 -25 ish by the time i came to the corner - was following me dad so i know it wont no faster...


Bloke in the house near by that i borrowed a tow rope off lol - siad theres on average 2 accidents a week on that corner, so dont sound like im the only one ;) there was alot of mud and stones on the road that must have fallen off farm vehicles etc...


o well shite happens, im thinking this is a good excuse to maybe get a full respary as well as the new bumper and wing ect. :D



number plate actually cracked and came off but stuck it back on for now...



and how the fcuk that headlight came out of it un-touched ill never know LMAO... :D


BTW... the before pics are in Show us ya motor :D

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